I’ll Be Back

Hello, I’m Leah G. Alfonso. I write so that I may speak.

I started this blog almost two years ago, just fiddling with the idea of having a blog with little to no clue of how to go about it. February before last, I started writing posts weekly, and (hopefully) got better at the craft. But then life happened, and my writing energy started burning out. Blogging every week eventually turned into a chore, and there were even times where I just didn’t want to do it. Just a month ago, I realized that I had virtually no time for anything on the weekends except working on the blog. For two to three months, I spent the weekdays sitting at work, feeling excited about that chapter I was going to finish, and then it came to a screeching halt as I remembered another writing project looming over my head: the blog. “Okay,” I’d think, “I can write that up on Friday night, and then spend two days on the chapter!” Sometimes, I managed it. But for most weeks, it didn’t take me three hours to write something so much as three days. And on top of that, I still have yet to finish that chapter I’d get excited about working on.

So, after thinking about it and reading other blog posts about bloggers who’ve decided to take a break, I decided to take a page out of their books. That’s right. I’m taking a vacation from my blog.

First of all, I need it, and so does the blog. While reading through some of my past blog posts, I found that the ones I enjoyed the most were the ones where I touched on subjects I was passionate about, or ones that I’d been looking forward to talking about for a long time. I also noticed that these posts were a little earlier in my blogging folder. The ones I haven’t enjoyed as much were ones that I just wrote to get through the week, and I found that the longer I blogged, the more frequent these little weeds cropped up. A pattern that I’ve noticed in weekly posts such as other blogs or the Nostalgia Critic episodes is that great posts are often born soon after a brief hiatus. I’m not sure if that’ll ring true for my blog, but here’s to hoping.

Secondly, I have other writing projects that, unfortunately, haven’t been going well recently. Like I said before, I’d get excited to work on it for the weekend, and then my blog would get in the way, and the other writing projects spend another week untouched. One of the things I hope this hiatus will give me is the chance to focus my energy into these other writing projects. And seriously, that chapter I mentioned is driving me crazy. If I don’t get that finished soon, then I will lose it.

I plan to get this blog up and running again in four months, tops, which means I’ll be back in either late June or early July. Unfortunately, the email address I listed on my about page is experiencing technical difficulties, so I won’t be able to use it for a while. If you’d like to get in touch with me, though, you can still comment on the blog or look me up on Twitter. I’ll also take requests while I’m on hiatus, so if you have something in mind that you’d like me to write about when I come back, again you can comment on the blog or contact me via Twitter. If you’ve been reading my posts since I got started, thank you for the support and encouragement that you’ve given me so far. I really appreciate it. Thank you, also, for reading and understanding, and I hope to come back refreshed and ready to write weekly again.

Until the end of my hiatus, this is Leah G. Alfonso saying “So long.”



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