Ten Random Facts: The Muppets

Hello, I’m Mahna Mahna. I Mahna Mahna so that I Mahna Mahna.

Welcome to another installment of Ten Random Facts! In this segment, I select a topic and share ten tidbits of trivia that would be fun to share at dinner parties, or in a casual friendly conversation. This time, I’m sharing ten facts about everyone’s childhood icon, the Muppets. So sit back as I share with you Ten Random Facts about the Muppets and the people working behind the magic.

  1. As everyone knows, the Muppet franchise is notorious for getting celebrities from all over the world involved. Every episode of The Muppets had a special guest star, and all of the Muppet movies have either countless cameos (ex. Steve Martin in the first Muppet movie) or had a celebrity playing a secondary character, (ex. Tina Fey in Muppets Most Wanted).
  2. To date, there are only two Muppet movies that feature only one celebrity apiece, both of which played a major role in the stories. The first was Muppet Christmas Carol with Michael Caine as Scrooge, and the second was Muppet Treasure Island with Tim Curry as Long John Silver.
  3. While The Muppet Show is famous for featuring big musical hits such as “Pure Imagination,” “Try to Remember,” and “Razzle Dazzle,” the most famous musical performance from the Muppets to this day is “Rainbow Connection,” written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher. The second most famous original Muppet song is, say it with me now, ‘Mahna Mahna.”
  4. Disney bought the rights to the Muppets around the time they made Muppet Christmas Carol, which—as a result—became the first Muppet movie not to feature any Sesame Street characters.
  5. Although the Muppets made other movies after Muppets in Space, which was released in 1999, it wouldn’t be until 2011 when the Muppets were revived and put back on the big screen.
  6. The very first Kermit puppet ever made currently lives the Smithsonian, complete with the old coat and ping pong balls used to make him.
  7. When a guest star appeared on the Muppet Show, he or she could ask to film a scene with any Muppet of their choice. The two most popular choices were Miss Piggy and Animal.
  8. Believe it or not, Miss Piggy is a published author. She wrote a book called Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life, and it was on the New York Times best-seller list for six months.
  9. In 1979, Frank Oz narrated a tragic life story for Miss Piggy to the New York Times, which included the reasons behind her need to be a debutante. That life story is shared in one of the links below, so I’m not going to repeat it here.
  10. Jim Henson was the creator of the Muppets. His Wikipedia page also recognizes him as an artist, an inventor, and a puppeteer. He directed the first three Muppet movies, provided the voice and movements of Kermit, and even made a cameo in The Great Muppet Caper. After Henson’s unfortunate passing in 1990, the Muppets created a tribute video to him where Fozzie Bear, the Great Gonzo, and the other Muppets learned about his accomplishments, found a collection of fan letters written after Henson’s death, and confirmed that the Muppets would still be in business. Because, as Kermit puts it in the end, “that’s the way the boss would want it.”

Well, that was fun. I hope you enjoyed reading some Muppet trivia, and that you’ll find more to enjoy in the links below. Until next time, this is Leah G. Alfonso saying “So long.”

Photo source: http://www.peabodyawards.com/award-profile/personal-award-jim-henson-and-the-muppets

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