A Few Announcements

You read the title. You know what’s coming. Need I say more? Yes, or I wouldn’t be wasting an entire blog post about it.

First of all, this isn’t an official post. My extended family came to town for the week, so I didn’t have time to put something together in the last few days. If this for some reason inconveniences anyone, I apologize.

Second, there will be no official post next week either. This Saturday I will be heading north with my family, and we’ll be up there at least until the next weekend. I have something special planned for the 31st of July, but until then I’m taking a much-needed vacation to relax, tour Michigan, spend time with family, and work on my book.

And finally, I am now taking requests for my blog! Again, I have something special planned for the 31st, and there are a few other ideas floating around in my head. But aside from that, I could use any suggestions you might have! If there’s something you’d like me to write about, feel free to comment below or contact me via email (lgalfonso@yahoo.com) or twitter (https://twitter.com/LeahGAlfonso1). Suggestions can be anything from entertainment to religion to politics.

So…yeah, that’s pretty much it. Until the 31st!


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