A Public Confrontation on Practicing Homosexuality? I’ll pass.


Hello, I’m Leah G. Alfonso. I write so that I may speak.

I might sound angry and incoherent in this post because I am. The other day, I watched a hypothetical “What would you do?” ABC video about public displays of homosexuality. Here’s a summary of the scenario to illustrate my point. A gay couple was kissing, holding hands, etc. in a restaurant. A woman would be visibly disgusted at the sight and would have no problem criticizing what they were doing. Most of the customers (or as I like to call them in this case, guinea pigs) had varied reactions. Some of them joined the woman in criticizing the couple, while others didn’t say anything but agreed that homosexuality was wrong. There were only two guinea pigs in the whole experiments who had a problem with the woman, and who were genuinely upset when the couple was eventually kicked out for ‘religious conviction’ (in some places, that’s legal).

If this happened in real life, there are two things in this scenario that would probably land me in jail for angry physical violence. First, the hostility was public and for everyone to see. Now, it made sense for the sake of the scenario because it was a “What would you do” experiment. But people who openly criticize people for what they do in real life are infuriating. Now, people can have their own opinions on different subjects. I respect it, I encourage it, it’s all fine and good. And if asked to express them, people can do exactly that. But here’s the thing: A lot of people who do confrontations of any kind claim that they do so in love. Fair enough, God calls us to face others with love when they wrong us. However, if you have no problem confronting someone publicly for practicing homosexuality, let me ask you this: where’s the love in that? That’s not love; that’s public humiliation. If it bothered you, I don’t care. If what they did was wrong, I don’t care. Bottom line: unless you’re in court, YOU DO NOT CONDEMN ANYONE PUBLICLY ABOUT ANYTHING. There is nothing in the Bible that gives anyone the right to do that.

Second, the scenario discussed homosexuality and touched on the main problem I have with the whole argument. Even though it’s an important issue to talk about, it’s starting to sound like a broken record. I’ve talked about the biblical soundness of homosexuality in the past. My opinions on gay marriage have changed a little since then, but this much hasn’t: Every thinking human being should have the right to decide for themselves what they want to do regardless of sexual orientation. I still stand by this belief, and I’ll never change that. That’s why it’s tough to watch people condemning others for practicing homosexuality. On one side, I’ve met dozens of people who have no problem criticizing gay marriage, and chances are I’ll meet several dozen more. Like I said, they’re entitled to their beliefs, and I respect that, it’s fine. But on the other side, I can barely count on one hand people who would call someone out for, say, littering OR hypocrisy OR cruelty. Why? The only unforgivable sin is blasphemy, and all other sins are equally bad in God’s eyes. If homosexuality is a sin, it would be just as sinful as bullying or misusing God’s name or ignoring someone in trouble.

So why is it so easy for the human population to criticize another person’s sex life and yet say nothing about damaging the ecosystem? There’s an inordinate plethora of world problems to deal with, so why the big focus on homosexuality? Is it because it’s easier to meet a Christian who would tell a gay person “you’re going to hell” then it is to meet one who says “This isn’t what I would choose, but I respect you as a human being and what you do is none of my business”? Is it because we’re less likely to meet confrontation because a few Bible verses and over half the heterosexual population would agree and back us up?

Bottom line: If you won’t say a word about any issue except homosexuality, just keep your mouth shut. You’re not helping. If you won’t hesitate to condemn strangers for their sexuality, they will ignore you because you’re giving them nothing that shows you respect them as human beings.

I can’t be the only one who has a problem with the ‘judges’ in the video. I refuse to believe that I’m the only one.

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One thought on “A Public Confrontation on Practicing Homosexuality? I’ll pass.

  1. A Federal Judge has overturned the ban on gay marriage here in Indiana. On the local news Facebook feeds there were sooo many hateful anti gay sentiments left in the comments. I can’t believe that in this day and age that people just can’t get over their prejudices and hate….on the flip side, a ton of gay people rushed out to get married, and while I don’t know any of them, I have a feeling that some did it for the wrong reasons or “just to prove a point”, which also disgusts me because they ruin it for the ones who really want to be together. The world is twisted.

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